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In 1958, a young Norbert “Bob” Nowak fell in love and married his sweetheart, a young Rosemarie Testori. In 1965 the happy couple started a family, having identical twin boys Greg and Ron. They were thrilled to have twins, as both Bob and Rosemarie are also twins! They opened the doors of their first optical store in Warren, on 12 Mile and Schoenherr, in 1972. Thinking of a name for the new store was the easiest part… Twinsite!

Twinsite Optical was a true family store, with Bob and Rosemarie running the store, with help from the boys. In 1992 it was time for Greg and Ron to take over, letting Bob and Rosemarie relax. The twin boys couldn’t keep their parents away from the store completely, getting them to only semi-retire. The couple worked part-time until retiring fully a few years later (but they were known to still visit the store from time to time to keep teaching their boys about work ethic and integrity).

The Warren store continued to grow as word spread of their large selection of top brands, wonderful service, and amazing overall experience customers had from start to finish. By 2006 it was clear that Twinsite Optical needed a second store to continue providing their customers the highest level experience possible. Ron and Greg opened the second Twinsite Optical that year in downtown Rochester, Michigan, on Main Street. The Rochester store focuses on luxury and exclusive eyewear, while keeping the highest quality service and overall positive purchasing experience that Twinsite Optical is known for.

The focus, work ethic and integrity Bob and his sweetheart Rosemarie opened their first store with back in 1972, continues today with their sons at Twinsite Optical. Greg and Ron are amazing! They honor their parents every day by continuing the dedication and one-on-one attention they provide to their customers with the best products, service and overall experience. It is this dedication, commitment and loyalty that has made the name Twinsite Optical synonymous with quality and excellence. 

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